Dental gold processing is traditionally handled in two different ways:

  1. The gold is shipped off to an unknown location for processing and weeks later payment issued.
  2. The gold is purchased on the spot but without proper determination of gold content, often resulting in underpayment.

CJEX offers a simple, same day, exact service of processing dental gold for dentists & orthodontists. Mark, our full time on site assayer and buyer will:

  1. Pick up your dental gold, at your convenience.
  2. Melt and assay your gold in our Kelowna location at 101-590 KLO Road.
  3. Deliver your payment the same day. He will also show you the melted gold along with a detailed printout of gold content & calculations based on the market gold price.

Or if you have the time, book an appointment with our buyer, Mark Schlitt, and watch him melt, assay & calculate payment. You’ll follow your gold first hand to our state of the art induction melter & see the gold poured. Next our x-ray will determine the exact content of the gold. And finally, Mark will show you the current days gold price & issue payment in either cash or cheque (at your choosing). The entire process takes approximately 30 minutes.

The best part is…we don’t guess what your gold is worth. We know. That’s why we pay the most.