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Our Manifesto

The family at CJEX, who put the “fun” in dysfunctional declare a revolt on your standard, run-of-the-mill jewelry store experience.

Yes to “Helpsters”, not uppity sales yaps who make you roll your eyes.

Yes, to a variety that is fresh and amazing and never looks stale. Na-uh.

Today and always, we shout at the top of our lungs – YES!

Yes to rockin’ engagement ring collections.

Yes to “I gotta get me some of that” estate jewelry.

And yes to employing the most state of the art technology so we can pay you the most, on jewelry we buy from you.

We are CJEX and we say yes to more sass. Less drab, more sass.

Bright. Bold. Inspired.

Our new location is in the heart of South Pandosy.
#101-590 KLO Road, beside Bliss Bridal

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Dilpreet Deu Sales Manager

The most exciting first piece of jewelry Dil ever owned was a pair of rose gold earrings she received during her first jewelry show in Las Vegas – an alltime fave set to this day. For movies that make her laugh (even though she’s seen them a million times), it’s all about You’ve Got Mail. I mean, Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, come on! She’ll also watch literally any movie with Diane Keaton – how could you not love her? Dil is most proud of her relationships with her family and friends that are filled with love, support, and loyalty. If you’re just getting to know Dil, then you’ll discover how she slows down to savour the moment. She chooses to soak in the beauty of life, whether a gorgeous sunset, passing cloud, or simply staying in the car to finish a good song.

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Sara Shipley Personal Jewelry Consultant

Moms know best, as Sara discovered with a pair of rose gold earrings gifted by her mother. Those little diamond-covered triangle drops weren’t what Sara would consider her style at all, but it turns out they’re the pair she loves and wears now almost every day. Sara’s most proud of her husband and daughters who’ve shown incredible strength, love, and perseverance through a crazy year. She also takes pride in the small things, like the fence her and her hubby built in the backyard. And she didn’t even know she could be handy! If you want to make conversation with Sara, just tell her your latest travel story and you’ll find something to chat about for hours. Some of her favourite things are travel, wine, and dogs. That’s what we call the perfect trio.

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Sabrina Shipley Personal Jewelry Consultant

Sabrina’s first pieces of jewelry were graduation gifts from seventeen years ago: a diamond necklace from her mom and diamond ring from her grandma – classic and lovely, and she still owns them today. Her go-to laugh out loud movies are corny comedies; we’re talking Two Weeks Notice, Just Go With It, and The Wedding Singer. She’s most proud of her family and colleagues who have successfully worked together for three generations and genuinely enjoy it. Sabrina and her husband have made time to regularly volunteer in the community, which is work she also takes great pride in with the ability to give back. If you’re getting to know Sabrina, just know one thing: she’s very bad at texting back. She just replied to your text in her head and forgot to press send in real life.

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Dare to be you! πŸ–€ A classic solitaire engagement ring, like this Founder’s ring by Tacori, can be stacked in so many different ways to create a look as unique as you are.
Layer up with this warm gemstone bracelet. πŸ’œπŸ€ŽπŸ’› #kelowna #kelownanow #kelownaliving #kelownalife #kelownalifestyle #kelownafornia #kelownajewelry #okanagan #okanaganlife #okanaganliving #okanaganlifestyle #designerjewelry #estatejewelry #cjex #cjexkindalove #wherekelownagetsengaged #gemstone #gemstonebracelet #tacori #amethyst #quartz #layeredbracelet #silverbracelet #warmth
Rockin’ the #wifeyvibes with this wedding stack. πŸ’Ž
This #paradedesign ballerina ring was customized with a perfectly pink sapphire & is off to its forever home in Alberta. ✈️ #kelowna #kelownanow #kelownaliving #kelownalife #kelownalifestyle #kelownafornia #kelownajewelry #okanagan #okanaganlife #okanaganliving #okanaganlifestyle #designerjewelry #estatejewelry #cjex...
#didyouknow πŸ–€
Diamond studs- a timeless gift that always fits. πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž PS: ask us about our upgrade program. πŸ˜‰
For all the marquise lovers out there, this is for you... 😍 This diamond ring is from one of our personal jewelry collections and we #loveit!
All eyes on emerald! πŸ’Ž #kelowna #kelownanow #kelownaliving #kelownalife #kelownalifestyle #kelownafornia #kelownajewelry #okanagan #okanaganlife #okanaganliving #okanaganlifestyle #designerjewelry #estatejewelry #cjex #cjexkindalove #wherekelownagetsengaged #noamcarver #emeraldcut #emerald #haloring
You know what never goes out of style? A classic diamond necklace. The LBD of the jewelry world.
2.16 carat round brilliant cut diamond, SI2 clarity, G color, AGS cut 2. -$21,800 Choose from over 300 ring settings by one of our fabulous designers or customize your dream ring- the choice is yours! PS:...
A lovely, leafy necklace just in time for fall. πŸ‚πŸ
This engagement ring is perfectly β€˜peared’ with a yellow gold diamond band. #kelowna #kelownanow #kelownaliving #kelownalife #kelownalifestyle #kelownafornia #kelownajewelry #okanagan #okanaganlife #okanaganliving #okanaganlifestyle #designerjewelry #estatejewelry #cjex #cjexkindalove #wherekelownagetsengaged #tacori #pearring #pearengagementring #yellowgold #weddingset

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