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Yummy Las Vegas Restaurants

I love Las Vegas.  Mostly for the shopping…but that’s a whole other blog.  We “Vegas” two or three times a year.  The big jewelry show is in Las Vegas so that’s an annual must.  We don’t even have to discuss that these restaurants are going to visited…we only discuss when…and if we need to double up.  Since I just returned from a weekend trip, I thought I’d share the places we simply can’t skip over.

Stripsteak in Mandalay Bay


The ultimate meat lovers fantasy.  Steaks are cooked over an open flame in a glass enclosed kitchen so you can sneak a peek (if you can manage to see through the smoke!)  My husband Mark is all about the meat- his favorite either being the Wagyu Rib Cap or the dry aged bone in rib eye…but only cooked “Pittsburgh Style”.  This means super charred on the outside but super pink inside.  I’m happy to partake of a bite of either…but I’m all about the sides.  Their truffle mac & cheese is amazing.  Just the right amount of truffle.  Also the crispy potato cakes with the scallion crème fraiche are a must.  Finish it all off by sharing a bottle of Tattinger champagne.

PF Chang’s in Planet Hollywood

PF Chang's PF Chang's 2

We LOVE PF Chang’s.  If we are visiting a US city, we always check to see if there is a Chang’s in the area.  It’s so not typical Chinese food.  Everything is super fresh and the menu is so diverse, there’s bound to be something for everyone at the table.  Among our favorites are the Double Pan Fried Noodles (shown above, no longer on the menu but if you ask sweetly enough they’ll probably still make it special for you), Mongolian Beef, Szechuan Shrimp, Singapore Street Noodles & the crispy green beans with spicy dipping sauce.  As far as drinks go, their Bert’s Gin & Tonic (shown above) is delightful.  Served with all natural tonic & star anise, it’s become one of our favorite drinks to copy at home.  I’m a fan of warm sake & Dil, without fail, will order a Chinese 88 – a signature lemony martini.

Wolfgang Puck in MGM Grand

Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck

There are Wolfgang Puck restaurants sprinkled all over Las Vegas, but since we usually stay at MGM or the Signature Towers at MGM, this one’s the closest.  Sit at the bar and Mattie will take excellent care of you.  We always order a Bloody Mary (shown above) for which they make their own tomato juice.  I know, it doesn’t seem right without the clam (for the Canadian Caesar lovers out there) but try it.  For an appy or afternoon snack, the home made potato chips with truffle & blue cheese (shown above) are out of this world.  If you’re still hungry, the gnocchi is like tiny bits of fluffy clouds.  Never heavy…I feel like I need to know how they get such an airy texture.


RM in Mandalay Bay



Tucked away just outside the casino, RM is always one of our stops.  Our preference is for lunch but if you do manage to go for dinner, the steak tartare (shown above) is only offered in the evening and is THE BEST we’ve ever had.  It’s made with such care and is unbelievably fresh.  For lunch its a safe bet that one of us is having the burger topped with Gruyère & tomato bacon jam and the other is having the BBQ pork mac and cheese.  Every 6 or 7 minutes we’ll alternate plates and fall in love with the meal all over again.  Deeply sustainable, consider sharing a carafe of their house white which comes to them free of corks, bottles, packaging and on one truck. 

– Lisa


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