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Yellow Gold is Back with a Vengeance!

It was bound to happen.  Yellow gold was a permanent fixture in every woman’s jewelry box…up until white gold became all the rage.  Yellow gold was considered rich, luxurious & opulent.  It was set with every gem…it was adored.  Then white gold made its debut and the world (for the most part) abandoned poor yellow gold and it was left neglected.  2013 forward found yellow gold, once again, an absolutely must have staple for every woman’s wardrobe.  We’re not knocking white gold (don’t get us wrong) we are just loving this super strong move back to yellow.  Especially in fashion pieces (chains, right hand rings & earrings) these are our current favorites.  Take one or two home before someone else snatches up your favorite 🙂

Smoky Topaz & Diamond Necklace from


Yellow gold set with smoky quartz is the perfect mix of earth tones.  We love how this necklace has a naturally organic edge to it.  No sharp angles here…the diamonds virtually drip into a pool of sultry smoky topaz.

Wide gold ring from


This super wide, high polished ring has a very slight wave to it.  Wear either on your right hand ring or even middle finger.  While you will want to adorn this daily (and you can!) you’ll want to keep it polished which will mean committing to regular visits to @ Canadian Jewelry Exchange.  But hey, that’s not such a bad thing? 🙂

Twisted yellow gold hoops from


Yellow gold hoops are going to be essential.  Fortunately there are multitudes to choose from.  We appreciate that these have texture and funkiness to them.  They are also a very versatile size so you can roll them right over from your work day to drinks with the girls on Friday night.  

Two tone open cuff in yellow and white gold from


This super wide cuff is also extremely flexible….which means it’s very comfy.  With an edge of white gold this can easily be rocked with your current white gold rings.  It just sort of ties the whole thing together.  You still wear your favorite white gold or sterling silver rings but you also look oh so modern with yellow gold glimmering on your wrist.  

Yellow gold knot Birks ring from


This ring by Birks is amazing. I love the overlapping strands of rich 14K yellow gold.  It has sort of an infinity/knot look to it.  We think this would be amazing worn with dark navy, charcoal or black polish.  Plus, best of all, it’s so low maintenance!  Smooth and easy peasy to wear.  Yay!

Faceted citrine drop earrings from


These citrine dangle earrings are faceted all the way around the gem.  This means that from absolutely every angle they catch the light and sparkle away.  The shepherd hooks are comfortable and you don’t have to worry about losing butterflies (where the heck do those things go anyway?  Are they hanging out with the socks from the dryer?)


These are but a few of my personal favorites.  Visit today and find yours!!!

– Lisa



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