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Winter Blues

I love winter. The crisp cold air, the snow. Having to bundle up in big coats and scarves… The fashion is amazing! I want to be cozy and warm, and have delicious aperitifs and drink amazing red wine. Not that I can’t do that all year round… It’s just better to me during the winter.  I love it all! To me there is nothing better than the first snowfall. I love it!! It makes everything look prettier, and more peaceful. Yes, it sucks when it gets sloppy, and salty, but I still think it’s lovely. J During the first snow fall I can be seen walking, standing and staring or twirling in the falling flakes (cheesy I know). That’s how much I love it. Sometimes we’ll have a huge bonfire and sled and drink adult hot cocoa and make smores…. Ok enough of that…

With my love of winter and snow having been mentioned, I do understand that some people get over this time of year real fast. They’re over the cold, the drab grey color, the messy slush and salt. All they want is for spring to quickly show up and add some colourful life and sunshine to the day to day boo-ness of winter. Thus the aforementioned ‘Winter Blues’ comes in to effect.

Who knows how our winter season is going to play out, so I thought I would add some pretty color into your life via jewelry.



I know this is very much a ‘summer’ ring, but it doesn’t have to be. The color is so bright and happy. I think it would pep up a layered winter outfit with the blue and warm it up a bit with the golden yellow gold.

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These narrow bands are a great way to add a pop of color! You can stack any color combination that you like, which I love because it makes them more unique and personal. I also think it’s a great way to add some color because you can easily wear gloves….. Which are always important during the winter months.


These earrings are the perfect little pick me up. They’re great to wear to the office and are sure to grab the attention of all the gals. They’re also the perfect partner to the LBD. Bright, cheery, and obviously jewelry… These are the perfect accessory for dinner parties and drinks with the staff after a long day.



There is no possible way you can go wrong with a multi gemstone bracelet. Like most of the pieces in this blog it is easy to wear and goes with anything. I also love the color combination because it works with whatever other jewelry you may be wearing. Easy trend tip: stack this bracelet with a few other bracelets for a chic arm stack. 

So pop in and add some color to your greeeyyy winter… It’ll make you smile.  (I’m still smiling.. I love winter).



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