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  • By Lisa
  • 30.09.2019

Which Kelowna Jewelry Persona Are You?

At CJEX, we are inspired every day by the women we meet in store and around our neighborhood in Kelowna’s Pandosy Village. From Bean Scene to Orangetheory Fitness, we spot stylish, intriguing women on the daily; it must be something in the water. 

To celebrate our favourite looks, we have put together epic jewelry selections to coordinate with some of the Kelowna personalities we adore the most. 

Read on to see the styles and let us know – which Kelowna jewelry persona are you?

The Orange Theorist 

You can run all of Knox’s trails with your eyes closed and own a pair of Lululemons for each day of the week. For you, a good sweat is the preferred way to start the day (maybe the afternoon too!). You’re determined to place in Sun Rype’s half-marathon, so you’re constantly on the move, and have Monday – Friday optimized to a tee. Practicality matters, even when it comes to jewelry (and office snacks).  

Enter Tacori’s Sonoma Mist Drop Earrings: summarizable in a quick glance as delicate and elegant, yet rooted in strength by dramatic pavé diamonds. Balanced, inspiring, and will move with you from cardio to weights.

Also on the docket: The sleek impact of the Tacori double chain necklace, lightweight in feel on the neck yet resounding in impact.

The Eldorado Brunch Babe

Whoever invented brunch surely understood the perfect trifecta of friends, poached eggs, and mimosas. Where else can you catch up on the week’s gossip and eat bacon at the same time? You might follow it up with a trip to the park with the pup or the kids, or maybe there’s time for a quick shopping browse down Pandosy Street – juuuust a quick one.

Simon G has a Wide Diamond Band style that is as sparkly as champagne and feels more luxurious than creme brulee at breakfast.

Pair a linen or silk blouse with the Sonoma Skies bracelet, designed with candy drop-sized  amethyst gemstones, feminine and chic. 

Or, bring your pup in for brunch with you, by way of a personalized Dog Fever Hug Ring – I mean, so cute right? 

The Bean Scene Beauty

Your idea of a good time involves some sort of espresso-based beverage, several hours of quiet, and a new book to devour. Thoughtful and analytical, your approach to style is something like the critical analysis of the last New York Times piece you read; shrewd, exploratory, and deep. 

The classics are your preference, strong pieces you can wear over a lifetime and not fuss over too much. 

Take the Tacori Ivy Lane Diamond Bracelet, for example: a minimal look with staying power. Or the Diamond Marquise Ring by Simon G  – regal and striking,  like something you’d see on a Tudor queen (yes, we’re calling you a Tudor queen). 

The Lakeview Market Maven 

You are quite physically that person who stops and smells the roses. And the oranges. And the steak spice. You believe life is richer when you enjoy the simple pleasures, discovered within the process of cooking, or sharing a meal with friends and family. Some have said your zucchini muffins are Martha-Stewart-level delicious. Well done, you. Trends aren’t so important to your style and instead you seek out the uniqueness found in the details of a piece of clothing or jewelry. 

And for that, we have Parade’s Fancy Diamond Ring, with a one-of-a-kind-like design that beckons ideas of nostalgia, or a story from a different era. Also on the plate: Onyx Earrings by Tacori, for a bit of mystery and depth (even when you’re wearing an apron). 

The One on the Beach (Beach Ave)  

OK, maybe you won’t be at the beach this fall. But definitely Myra Canyon, and every hiking trail south of Peachland’s Pincushion. Every corner turned in this stunning valley evokes a picture-perfect frame, and you have the eye, and the admiration for nature, to capture it. The Okanagan was made for people like you, who revel in the visual feast of their surroundings. So it’s no surprise you are captivated by new styles, trends and designs in jewelry, and as your full-ring-stacked fingers and pierced ears can attest, more beauty is better than less. 

For a modern statement, try Tacori’s Ivy Lane Diamond Stud Earrings: marquise stud earrings with a shape and style that is fresh and eye-catching. 

The Tacori Turquoise Bracelet goes perfectly with an iPhone at the ready to snap the next waterfront sunrise shot. Light, shimmery and very much ‘of the moment’. 

Whether you’re from Kelowna or visiting, we want to see you and your style at CJEX! Visit us at 101-590 KLO Road, Tuesday – Friday 10AM – 5PM or Saturday 12PM – 5PM.

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