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Where is all the jewelry?

Yes, this is another FAQ for us here at the Jewelry Exchange. Sometimes it’s because people come by when we’re closed, look in the windows and see… well, nothing actually. But that’s just because all the jewelry is put away at night. So don’t be alarmed when the cabinets are empty and it’s Friday night at 6:00. Trust, it’ll be back the next day. 

Sometimes we hear this question when new clients come into the store, look around and realize it’s very different from other jewelry stores. It’s true, we don’t have that many cabinets. And the ones we have aren’t always filled to the brim with jewelry. 

But we do have thousands of pieces here in the store. Everything that is shown on our website is actually in the store. And you can see them, try them on etc. 

In the store we use our website like a catalog. We can look together with you, choose the pieces that match what you’re looking for and then we bring them out. Or if you don’t know what you want, give us an idea of what you like and we’ll surprise you.

We simply have too many items to have them on display at one time. Because of all the searching we do, we know our inventory really well. Kind of impressive when you realize that over 90% of our pieces are one of a kind. There is a certain one of us who is freakishly good at knowing the inventory… down to the item number a surprising amount of the time. I’m looking at you, Lisa. 🙂

A lot of our regular clients like to keep up with what’s new. The easiest way is to check our new arrivals page. We add new pieces several times through the week. If you see something you want to take a closer look at, write down the item number and bring it in. Lots of our clients come with a long list, especially the ones from out of town. Because if it’s been a while since you were in the store, then you’re going to have a lot to look at. Have a coffee with us, pull out the list and we’ll have a great time. 

– Heidi


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