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What’s trending in bridal jewelry?

Colored gemstone engagement rings!

These used to be all the rage in the Victorian era, so it’s really not something new. Granted, the colored gemstones today are probably bigger than they used to be, because today’s bride still wants some serious bling. The average size for a colored gemstone today is 1.5 carats and up.

If you’re after a sizeable center stone, a colored gemstone can give you so much more for your money, for a fraction of what a diamond would cost.

There are lots of choices for a chance to have a truly unique ring that is all your own. Whatever color speaks to your heart, that’s the one to go with.

Of course you can probably think of the classics like sapphires, emeralds or rubies. Some brides happen to love their birthstone, so they might choose that. Still there are lots of other gemstones to consider. Here’s our list of some that we think are pretty amazing, see if any of them speak to you:

Fancy yellow sapphires (my fave), pink sapphires, citrine, tourmaline and amethyst. Each of these gemstones comes in a range of shades so you can surely find something you love and that works within the budget.

Tacori, Parade, Alexander Paylan and Beverley K are some of our favorite sources for beautiful and romantic styles that perfectly feature a colored gemstone.

Colored gemstone engagement rings from Parade Design and

– Heidi


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