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What’s new in Men’s Jewelry

Men are becoming more confident in what they wear for clothing, shoes and jewelry. They often want to show their individuality, try something new and wear pieces that will project the right image. In the past there weren’t many options beyond black onyx or brushed gold…. But we’ve come a long way. Some of the new arrivals on the scene that we’re liking right now? Read on.

Triton Men's Jewelry from

Simple and masculine designs are always a classic choice, but try something new with added color. Triton jewelry has some stainless steel designs with a coffee toned accent and a brushed finish. It’s a great contrast and because the stainless steel is rugged and has substance to it, it feels great on as well.

Men's Rings from

Color is becoming stronger in men’s jewelry. Men used to wear a simple white gold or platinum ring with diamonds, but now there are different options with rose gold, gemstones and even colored diamonds for a truly distinctive look.

Men's Cufflinks from

If your guy is often in a suit and tie, you can also consider cufflinks and there is a lot of variety from classic styles to more adventurous designs. Choose from diamonds, mother of pearl, colored stones and different choices and colors in metals from stainless steel to gold to tungsten.


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