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  • By Lisa
  • 05.03.2019

What Would Ryan Gosling Do? A Guide To Men’s Wedding Bands

Hey girl. I heard about your engagement. You know it breaks my heart, but I’m here to help.

If you’re looking for men’s wedding bands in Kelowna, you have come to the right place.  

You picked a strong, sensitive man to carry you over the threshold on your big day. But has he purchased a wedding band yet? Maybe he’s too busy building a cabin in the woods (with his bare hands), or volunteering as a children’s coach in an after-school basketball program. Your dude is the dreamiest and he could probably use your help in landing the perfect men’s wedding band for your upcoming ceremony.

The team at CJEX has some ideas for making the men’s wedding band purchase easy and fun, like a montage scene out of a Hollywood movie.

Timing is Everything, Girl

You know I would stop time for you if I could. But the days continue on, and your marriage date is coming faster than you can say “If you’re a bird, I’m a bird”.

Timing is everything when it comes to purchasing your man’s wedding ring. Dil at CJEX recommends coming in to check out their thoughtful selection of Carlex, Bleu Royale & Crown Ring wedding bands eight weeks or more in advance

With a couple of months notice, you’ll have plenty of time to browse and order the ring in his size, with moments to spare in case the sizing needs another round once it arrives. And hey girl, I know guac is extra but resizing the ring after purchase at CJEX is on the house.

Also: CJEX’s huge wedding band SALE EVENT is on March 15-16. Save the tax on your wedding band purchase! Perfect timing, right?

You’re Fit, But Does His Ring Fit?

I bet your man can appreciate the snug fit of your Lululemon workout pants, but the fit on his wedding band could be a whole other ballgame.

Male or female, if someone isn’t used to wearing ring jewelry, their preference will likely be for something looser on the finger.

Dil warns against this. “You want to have some resistance,” she says. If he’s not massaging the ring to get it over the knuckle, it’s probably too loose. Try the shake test: with the ring on his wedding finger, have him give his hand a good shake. If it flings off, girl: it’s too big.

Factor in body temperature: on a cold day, hands shrink in size. Nobody wants a wedding band coming off with a glove on the chairlift.

At CJEX, Dil and the team have a thoughtful approach to sizing. “We want to get it as close to perfect as possible,” she says. Let her coax him into a snug fitting size, so you won’t be coming back after your surfing trip honeymoon to replace it.

Make Ring Shopping A Date

To your man, nothing is better than a Saturday afternoon with you. Located the heart of Kelowna’s beautiful South Pandosy neighborhood, CJEX is primed for romance.

Make wedding ring shopping at CJEX a date with brunch at Bread Company or The Marmalade Cat beforehand, and a drink at Smack Dab or The Eldorado’s Lakeside Dining Room after.

Let His Personality Shine (or Matte)

CJEX carries a thorough selection of men’s wedding band brands to suit a variety of styles, precious metals and price points.

Whether your hunk likes to flash it up during business meetings with something unique, or stick to a classic, heavy-weighted band while he sets up your camping gear, there is something for every future husband at CJEX.

And best of all, they’re all ON SALE March 15-16 – save the tax on your wedding band purchase!

Take a look for yourself, girl:

Bleu Royale Diamond Band

Bleu Royale Diamond Band

With its diamond brush finish, you won’t notice fine scratches on this one. It changes look over years of wear, like a handsome pair of Red Wing boots.

View Full Product Details

Diamond Band by Carlex

Makes a statement, even on the strong, silent types. Its heavy weight inspires confidence, with a wider band and 112 round brilliant cut diamonds.

View Full Product Details

Bleu Royale Black Carbon Band

What says timeless and trendy at the same time? This ring does.

View Full Product Details

Bleu Royale Wedding Band

Like The Notebook, this ring is a classic you can turn to. Gold is for the romantics, because it’s meant to last a lifetime. Scratches can be buffed out and the ring resized to meet the changes of a full life of love.

View Full Product Details

Bleu Royale Palladium Band

A smart ring for an active man who minds his budget. Like platinum, palladium features high shine and a cool white colour. Highly durable and sophisticated-looking.

View Full Product DetailsG

March 15-16 Sale Event: Wedding Bands

You deserve champagne, treats and tax off your wedding band purchase. Stop by CJEX at 101-590 KLO Rd during the biggest wedding band sale of the year and say “I DO” to the perfect wedding bands. Ryan Gosling would (probably) approve!

Date: March 15-16 2019

Location: 101-590 KLO RD, Kelowna BC

Sale Details: Save the tax on select wedding bands by Noam Carver, Carlex and Bleu Royale.

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