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  • By Lisa
  • 15.01.2016

What To Wear With Neutrals?

Statement pieces for neutral outfits are hard to decide on! The fun with it tho is that anything works, its just a matter of what you want, or what you personally feel best in. 


A big size ring is perfect for a night out in a little black dress. I say if your going to wear neutrals, your better off to put big bold pieces to go with it. Bold pieces with a not so bold dress or ensemble will give the look a pop and a little extra sparkle or pizazz without being too overwhelming! 




70-878 -$3,550

This Truffle ring from Tacori is phenomenal! The perfect size and shape to make a statement. 




70-670 -$1,445

Tacori’s Black Lightning Ring is the right addition to a not so bold outfit, this ring is fun because you can wear just for everyday to have funky piece to show off, or dress it up with a couple other bold accessories!







58-215 -$1,250

This pink amethyst geometric ring is a fun option to add to an outfit. It gives a different shape. very unique!  





63-41 -$995

This blue chalcedony & diamond ring is like the pink amethyst ring another shape that you wont see too often so it will catch peoples eye with the shape. 








1-25623 -$1,900

This Big Smokey Topaz Necklace is an amazing length, and a cool style. its big and bold and would pop with anything you wear. 





70-68 -$2,030

Tacori’s Barbados Blue Necklace would be a gorgeous pop of color to any neutral outfit. The fact that you can wear it different lengths and styles just gives this colorful piece more diversity in your wardrobe. 






32-89 -$2,950

This Pearl Strand is another bold necklace we have. you can wear it a little bit shorter wrapped around three times or have it looking a little longer and wrapped twice. in any way, its the perfect necklace for a neutral outfit. 








100-4628 -$2,995

These emerald & diamond earrings are a nice and bold dangle perfect for a night out, plus they give a pop of that gorgeous emerald green!






36-316 -$2,950

When are diamonds a bad idea? The diamond hoops will give your look a whole lot more sparkle!






63-140 -$575

These blue topaz & diamond stud earrings are a nice icy blue color so they don’t add an overwhelming amount of color but they do give something a little extra to a not so colorful outfit. 



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