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What quality of diamond should I buy?

What quality of diamond should I get for my engagement ring?

Which quality of diamond should I buy?


This is a question we get asked many times a day, every day.  And the answer is not simple so this blog post is dedicated to demystifying the whole process.


First, always remember that diamonds come from the earth.  They are not man made and therefore, are not subject to defects in manufacturing.  But because diamonds come from the earth, we have to put a value on different qualities.  That is where the “4 c’s” come in.  Carat (weight & size of the diamond), Cut (the shape and how well it is cut), Clarity (description of flaws) and Color (to what degree there is a tint of yellow). 

I like to keep in mind that these “4 c’s” are Characteristics.  That is what the “C” stands for!  So each step up and down the scale is not “good” or “bad” but merely a description of that diamond.  Think of a diamond like a snowflake – each one is unique.  You may like one snowflake more than another but it’s not like “this one is good” and “that one is bad”.  They are simply different from each other.  Likewise, each diamond is unique and the specific blend of the 4 c’s are there to help us put a value on the diamond.


Being that each diamond is unique, it’s always of utmost importance to see the diamond with your own eyes.  Even within the same quality, each diamond will handle light and sparkle differently.  It’s simply not enough to go by the certificate.  You would be amazed at how many people compare diamonds and just say “I don’t like this one” when it’s right next to another one of exactly the same quality.  Be sure to examine diamonds yourself before you buy!


So what quality is best for you?  It depends on what is most important to you.  I, personally, would rather have a bigger diamond that is still nice and white, but a little lower in clarity.  So in my case, an SI1 or SI2 clarity, FG color would be ideal.  But often we have clients who would rather have a higher clarity (which means fewer flaws), in which case we would go with a VS2 or even higher.  Keep in mind that each step equals money so as the clarity and/or color increases so does the cost.


Here’s the plug for CJEX: we have some incredibly knowledgeable & dedicated staff who will undoubtedly find you exactly the right diamond.  This way, you can focus on the MOST important part…how to pop the question??? 😉

– Lisa


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