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What jewelry can I wear with a turtleneck?

The warm sunshine is gone, and the cold dreary days are here. There is even snow on the ground! Some people love the weather change, and some people hate it. Personally, I’m a lover of this time of year, strictly for clothing reasons. We can wear warm cozy clothes and layer a lot. One could say, it’s my favorite time for clothes. With that, it’s time for the turtlenecks to come out of the closet! I know that Lisa from our store is more than elated that she can start her 5 day rotation of black turtlenecks. Haha 😉 No offense Lisa. They’re comfy, cozy, and they look great.

A lot of people feel as though they cannot wear chains or necklaces with their turtlenecks, but I beg to differ. As long as you choose the right pieces, you can do a lot when it comes to accessorizing your turtleneck. So here’s the question: What kind of jewelry can I wear with my turtleneck?

The first thing I think of is long chains. The two pictured below are great because they add a little bit of shine and glitz to something very ordinary and classic. I paired two gemstone chains together because they complement each other really nicely. See the details on the chains here and here.


Dabakarov long chains


This is a long chain too, but is a single multi color gemstone chain. This one is great because the colors are so subtle and work with everything! I find this one to be great for everyday.


 Tacori Jelly Bean Medley Necklace


The next option is a little funkier. This is a Tacori link chain and we have added two pendants to the bottom of it, a prasiolite and an amethyst. The pendants are interchangeable and available in many different shapes and colors. This is a great dress up look!!


Tacori pendants and thick chain


Lastly, I think brooches are great with turtlenecks! Add one or a few…. They look amazing! I chose this one.


Diamond brooch


Well there you have it… A number of options and ways to dress up your turtlenecks, and all things that will work with everything else in your closet (I promise). All of the pieces pictured above are in store and ready and waiting to be tried on!


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