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What happens to my jewelry when I sell it at your store?

(Guest blogger Mark)


All jewelry sold to us passes through several stages. The first step is determining whether the items are saleable or not. Each piece is inspected to ensure quality and durability to qualify it for re-sale. Once this is done, they are sanitized, cleaned, polished and refinished along with any necessary restructuring. Once these steps are complete, our jewelry is now ready for it’s new price tag, it’s catalogue number, and it’s portrait as it waits to glamorize a new model.


Jewelry that doesn’t meet these requirements goes through various stages of recycling. Bling is removed depending on it’s nature, size and value, whether gemstones or diamonds. The latter of course with steady hands and a trained eye to preserve earth’s rare and precious jewels.


Many pieces have many jewels too intricate and numerous to remove by hand. These pieces are refined using an electric salt water solution to dissolve gold without melting it, thus causing our pretty little jewels to fall freely to the bottom, also awaiting inspection, cleaning and polishing.


Mark at Polishing Machine


The next step is to restore this refined gold to its natural beauty. This is done by precipitation. This gold awaits “simple” collections with no bling. Once enough gold is processed and accumulated, it is securely stored until a melt is warranted. From here it makes its way back into World Markets, by means of refineries, mints, goldsmiths or exclusive boutiques.


Mark at the Refining Station

Bar of Gold


So rest assured when you retire your past fashion pieces, none of it goes to waste. All of it will always come back. Whether in a state of monetary trade pieces, circuit boards or high end “bling”, somebody, somewhere will always appreciate it’s functionality, beauty and inspiration.




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