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Which gemstone is green but is not an emerald?

Pantone’s color of the year is emerald green. Beautiful on every skin tone. Works with every hair color. We’re a big fan of the shade, especially with other jewel tones like navy or deep purple. Wowza.


Emeralds can be beautiful but they are also harder to care for. They’re not great for everyday wear, since they’re a softer gemstone. They need to be protected from heat and chemicals. So never wear them in the hot tub. Or when you’re washing dishes. And never when you’re doing housework. They are high maintenance diva’s.

Tsavorite jewelry and gemstones from


Why not indulge your love of green with Tsavorite? Tsavorites are a type of garnet, with a gorgeous deep green hue. The perfect alternate for 2013’s color of the year, for three reasons:


  • Less expensive
  • More durable
  • More brilliance


Time for trivia. The movie “Out of Africa” with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep took place in Tsavo National Park. The Tsavorite gemstone is named after the park.


– Heidi





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