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  • By Lisa
  • 29.01.2016

What Do We Have For Two Tone?

What Do We Have For Two Tone?                 

When it comes to choosing jewelry, we all have a color we gravitate towards be it yellow, white or rose gold.  Some of us love the classic yellow look, and others have always only worn and loved white.  There is the option of rose as well, and for anyone who doesn’t favor one above another, wearing jewelry that is two-tone or tri-tone is a sure way to please the aesthetic sensibility we all possess. 

In playing with more then one colour of gold, we can mix and match single colour bands, or look at pieces that incorporate two or three colours in itself. 

Here are a couple of ideas when it comes to the ever important engagement ring, for that special woman who loves more then just one colour gold on her left hand!


68-104- $6,995                              67-60 – $4,680                  74-105 – $6,495


For a wedding band, we can do a myriad of combinations, with single colour bands, or with already mixed bands


67-49- $4,520                        28-95 – $1,455                               28-96 – $1,525


33-144- $1,395                             33-156 – $1,395                            33-158 – $1,650                         


There are always gorgeous pendants that mix and match gold colours to perfection for anyones special occasion or accomplishment to be celebrated!



           1-26101- $325                         74-11 – $1,295                      8-20446 – $2,295



Not to be forgotten, a great bangle or bracelet to decorate that lovely feminine wrist as well!



       100-4170- $3,595                   1-23861 – $1,100                   1-25978 – $575

Another great advantage to two tone, or tri-colour pieces, we can wear it with all of our different jewelry, as it plays to compliment the gold we wear already and can add a level of sophistication to our everyday pieces. So if you love white gold, but find yourself drawn to yellow or rose at times, finding a piece that incorporates what you always wear with either yellow or rose gold accenting the white gold, is a fabulous way to diversify your collection.  Now, lets be adventurous and start finding a new piece that is just a little different from the rest for you. 

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