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Warranty or Insurance? What’s the difference?

Guest Blogger Lisa

What’s the difference between warranty & insurance?

Such an important question. Lots of stores offer warranty… and that sounds great but it’s vital to understand what that means and what it covers. Take my words with a grain of salt as warranty policies can vary from store to store. The point is to be aware of what is and is not protected.


Most manufacturers have a warranty against defect. This means if the structural integrity is compromised. In the 30 plus years we have been in business, there are only a handful of times I have sent a ring back to the supplier for defects in workmanship. Because we have forged strong relationships with our vendors, any issues are speedily taken care of for our clients.

Warranty does not cover wear and tear. If your ring has tons of small diamonds or micro pave settings, this means there is very little gold holding each diamond. Many of these rings are simply not designed for wearing every day. You can do it, but the prongs holding the diamonds are likely to wear quickly. Think of it like a construction worker taking a delicate china teacup to work to drink his coffee out of. He can do it… but the cup is going to show signs of wear quickly. If your ring has lots of small diamonds, it is best to remove it when playing sports, washing dishes, gardening, etc. Anytime you are super active with your hands… wear it with lots and lots of love.

Warranty also doesn’t cover rhodium plating. Remember, rhodium is a layer over the white gold to give the ring a nice bright white appearance. Factors like activity, lifestyle, acidity in the skin and contact with chemicals can affect the length of time the rhodium lasts.


Insurance is purchased for protection against loss of diamonds (especially your center diamond but even your small diamonds), loss and theft. Basically if you manage to damage the ring or have a loss, insurance covers replacement. My advice is to always have insurance in addition to warranty. There is a wonderful company out of the United States that offers insurance specifically for jewelry. Their website is:

From what we have found they offer the best coverage for a fair premium. A big plus in my opinion is you can (and should) select $0 deductible. If you end up making a claim you have no fees! We have processed claims with this company and the process is smooth and they are easy to work with. If you have a question, there is always someone to speak to on the toll free number.

When making a jewelry purchase, be sure to ask your sales associate to explain if and what is covered under warranty… and have them help you purchase insurance.

Peace of mind!


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