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Try This Fabulous Restaurant! Ricardo’s Mediterranean Kitchen

A Fabulous Restaurant- Ricardo’s Mediterranean Kitchen

 Ricardo’s Mediterranean Kitchen is one of my favorite restaurants in Kelowna. It is located just outside of Kelowna in a nice quiet area. When you go to Ricardo’s you will get great food, a great vibe and great service. Everyone is so happy and helpful. It is the perfect place for a larger group.            

My family and I always make reservations at Ricardo’s for anniversaries, its almost like tradition for us. Mainly because Ricardo’s offers such amazing service, and that is needed for a large group of family. We are never disappointed with service or the food. The food is guaranteed to be of 5 star quality.


One of my personal favorite dishes at Ricardo’s is the ravioli chicken pesto. Its creamy pesto sauce with the cheese filled ravioli is exceptional. I’m a sucker for pasta though; it’s always been my favorite. Can you tell I am Italian?

If you like spicy food the soprano is the dish for you. Penne in a spicy Bolognese sauce with Italian sausage. It is so delicious. It is for sure a must try. It is the dish I had last time and I just couldn’t get enough. Phenomenal!



The restaurant is Mediterranean food, but having Ricardo being of Italian heritage, they chose to put most of their attention to Italian cuisine in the restaurant. Though they serve Mediterranean food as well there is just more Italian options.

veg              meat


On occasion Ricardo’s will have live music playing that would definitely make for a good evening. The restaurant has so much personality, and consistency, there is always amazing food and service. They highly recommend you make a reservation which is always really nice because you don’t have to wait. That’s always my irritation, having to wait. And some amazing news; Ricardo’s is now catering. How handy is that?



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590 KLO Rd #101 Kelowna
British Columbia, Canada, V1Y 7S2

Telephone: 877-763-2099
Tuesday – Friday: 10-5pm
Saturday: 12-5pm

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