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Top 5 Tacori Earrings

Top 5 Tacori Earrings

I think earrings are one piece of jewelry that every girl wears. Some women don’t love wearing a necklace, some hate wearing bracelets, but very few women dislike earrings or don’t wear them. Whether it’s a stud, hoop or dangle, most women wear one of those three. I picked out 5 of my favorites of Tacori’s earrings, some dangle, some studs and a pair of hoops. Options for everyone!



This first pair are one of my personal favorites. The cushion cut black onyx dangle is so gorgeous. I love black because its neutral and you can wear it with literally everything. You can wear these with everything, dress them up or down, no matter what they will look stunning. The shape is so nice because it’s simple and yet they will still make a statement.



These rose amethyst drop earrings are stunning. The rose amethyst color with the 18k rose gold around the stone mimicking the ruffles on a skirt. They would be the perfect addition to an ensemble to dress it up and look classy but in style. The earrings aren’t super large, fairly subtle but still going to make a statement while wearing them. They would compliment anyone and everyone.




These multi-colored drop earrings are gorgeous. They are definitely one of a kind. This trio of stones is vibrant to say the least. You will not go without compliments wearing these beauties. They are big and bold, and will pair nicely with a variety of things.




Tacori’s silver stud is so cute and understated. They are very perfect for a casual look. They could really be an everyday stud if diamonds aren’t exactly your style but you still want a good stud.




The ivy lane diamond hoop, these are so gorgeous. Giving a hoop a more fun and sparkly look. These could really be worn at anytime. These could be an everyday hoop if that’s your style, or just for a night out and you need something to dress your look up a little. They are the perfect thing to keep you in style.

 So these 5 Tacori options give something for everyone. There is variety in style, shape and color, making them appealing to everyone.




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