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The year of the statement ring

2013 has been called many things, but the jewelry industry sees it as the year of the statement ring. Of course, we wholeheartedly agree since statement rings are one of our favorite looks, regardless of the trends. It’s a fun way to take a risk, choose something you absolutely adore and really wear it with everything, to become your signature look.

Even more fun, we love rings when they’re worn in multiples. I mean one can be exciting, but two or three or four? Even better! Our buyers usually wear a couple on each hand, either the forefinger or the middle finger. Let’s be real, you need the largest possible canvas to showcase these pieces of art. If you venture to try the look, there’s complete freedom, no rules. No need to match metals, gemstones or even styles. Pair edgy with classic, contrast heirloom with modern, mix a rock n’ roll style with something extra girly. It’s entirely up to you.

With all the attention these rings will draw, we would be remiss if we forgot to mention that a manicure is probably in order. A bright, opaque polish in tomato red or a modern neutral like gunmetal gray will work with every ring shown below.

Statement rings from

So will 2013 be the year you make a statement? Are you already rocking this look? Send us pictures, post them on our facebook page. We love the feedback and the inspiration.

cjex staff favorite rings

– Heidi


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