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The Process of Selling Your Jewelry


Guest Blogger Mark


When most people first come in they are nervous because they have never gone through the process of selling jewelry before. Some haven’t even been in our store before, and they are uneasy. So I try to put them at ease, and remove any feelings of pressure to sell. Educating the client in a kind and realistic way is important so they understand all of their options – sell, trade or consign. We want the client to understand that the choice is entirely up to them, whatever they feel is best for them!

Some items are salable and some are not, so I price them separately to make that decision easier. Honesty is imperative. The client needs to know the truth, and that’s what we’re here to do.

I like to make it personal, so I tell them it’s a family owned business, and that my wife sometimes gives me a hard time. I also like to tell my clients about cool pieces we get in, and that we work with gold miners. People tell me “You have the COOLEST job!”.

When people do their research, they realize they’ve come to the right place, and that’s important to me. I enjoy what I do, but the best part, the part that gives me the most satisfaction is when people come in again and ask to see me specifically. That shows me I’ve done my job, and done well by them. They trust us, and they’re confident to come back!
I tell them, they don’t keep me here ‘cause I’m gorgeous!





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