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The Birthstone for September…

All of my siblings are born in September, and I’m born in October. I was always jealous that they had Sapphire as a birthstone, when I got stuck with Opal. I hate Opals (more on those next month).

Sapphires are so fascinating to me. The colors range not only in color itself, but also in shades. Take blue sapphire for example: they range from an intensely rich dark blue to a light blue. There is a very luxurious and royal feel to them. I guess that’s why Sapphires were used in the engagement rings of both Prince Charles to Princess Diana, and that of William and Kate. Let’s be honest, everyone knows what a Princess Di ring is, and I’ve had many people come in looking for one. Sapphire & diamonds… So pretty.

I also find sapphires to be very flattering on most skin tones. Sometimes some colors just look better on certain people or skin tones, but sapphires, they look great on everyone! Sapphires are also great for everyday wear. On the Mohs hardness scale a Sapphire is a 9 (a diamond is a 10). This means that you can wear them all the time, and not have to worry about anything happening to the stone.

Here are some of my favorite Sapphire pieces at the moment…

Sapphire Jewelry from


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