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The Best Of Bracelets!

Bracelets are always fun when you aren’t feeling like a necklace, or your dress doesn’t lend to one but you still want a little bling. For me, bracelets are an everyday thing, more so than necklaces. They are super easy to wear, not really bothersome, whereas sometimes a necklace can get in your way; especially if it’s a long one. Also bracelets are nice because you don’t necessarily have to pick just one to wear, you can wear multiple at a time and it looks fantastic, if paired right.




The first bracelet I have chosen to showcase is a Tacori link bracelet. I love this one because it is so simple and casual it would be an everyday bracelet. You could wear this bracelet with anything and it will look phenomenal. The rose gold clasp gives the bracelet a little color, adding to its beauty.




This Tacori bracelet from the Barbados blue collection is stunning! On sun kissed skin this bracelet would pop. On any skin tone actually. It is such a beautiful piece. It has a very summery feel to it, that blue always reminds me of the ocean. It is such a tropical color and it’s keeping your look fun.




The art deco inspired bracelet is on that would look great stacked with a couple more bracelets, or just on its own. This bracelet is super versatile; you can dress it up or just wear it casual. It is very simple but very pretty with its small design.




This 18k white gold diamond tennis bracelet is just fabulous! It is so simple and so sparkly. The bracelet could easily be an everyday accessory and can literally be worn with EVERYTHING. It’s a small accessory but is so noticeable, diamonds tend to be! You can never ever go wrong with diamonds. They compliment everyone.




The heart lock bracelet is a very cute idea. It is a perfect gift because its simple and its color is neutral and will pair nicely with everything. This could also be an everyday accessory, especially if the diamond bracelet is too flashy for your style, this would be a more understated piece.




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