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December’s Birthstone- Tanzanite

December’s Birthstone – Tanzanite


December is a special month, as its my mothers birth month, and the color of Tanzanite is one that is deep and complex, just like my mom! 

A gorgeous vivid blue, with a purplish tinge, Tanzanite has a uniquely sensuous appeal.  This stone was unknown till 1967 when it was found in eastern Africa by Massai herdsmen who noticed blue crystals sparkling in the sun.  Its dramatic discovery, and scintillating beauty caused a worldwide sensation.  To date, the only source for this stone is the hills of Tansania, near Mount Kilimanjaro. 

An interesting fact, the Massai men give this gem to their wives when a new baby is born, as they believe it bestows health and wellness on the child, ensuring a prosperous life.  So it’s a stone given as a gift to celebrate new life, no matter the month the child is born.  Perfect for any new mom!

Its 6-7 on the hardness scale, so its not for everyday wear and you need to take care when wearing it.  The color dynamic being the dual color of Tanzanite means that each gem is unique and can be difficult to match.  Its a favorite of men and women and can be cut to many shapes and qualities.

My mom loves the darkest blue of the Tanzanite stones, as her favorite color for years had been a dark royal blue, or cobalt blue.  It’s a stone for special occasions or for wearing with a pair of dark denim for a relaxed evening out.  For the woman (or man) whose born in December, it’s a bold yet beautiful stone for any setting.




1-24521 -$350

Marquise Tanzanite Ring





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Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant





1-26002 -$350

Tanzanite & Diamond Ring





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