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Summer Jewelry Trends For 2015- What To Wear!

  Summer Jewelry Trends For 2015

Every woman wants to be in style and up with all the new jewelry trends. I’m going to talk about a few of the latest trends for this summer, so you are in the loop on what’s hot and what’s not.

This year for summer, the color is turquoise! This color really represents the season perfectly. The color of blue is bright, playful, and always brings out and highlights a tan. To me, turquoise always reminds me of being by the blue, blue ocean. It is such a happy color.

Arm cuffs are another in trend that are in this year, I surprisingly love this look, depending on what the arm cuffs are, the skinnier ones are the cutest to me. This style reminds me of the Egyptians, along with the turquoise. They sure loved their accessories!

            Midi rings are the new and exciting thing, I really enjoy this style, and it gives a different look than just regular rings. This style of rings will also bring attention to your hands because they will look a lot more blingy. Summer is the time to spice things up, you’ve been bundled up all winter and now you can layer down and show off your accessories.

            Out with the old and in with the new, the new being rose gold. It is such a gorgeous color, and wearing it will truly make you feel more feminine than ever. It’s the perfect thing for summer, light and modern. I picked a couple pieces that we carry in rose gold.




We have these simple rose gold hoops, these are nice because they are easy to wear and look great. They could definitely be an everyday hoop because of the simplicity.




           This rose gold and diamond band is stunning, the color is gorgeous, and the design is so beautiful. This ring would be the perfect thing to make sure you are with the in styles.




These rose gold diamonds studs are just my favorite. I absolutely love the rose gold with the diamond. It is very very simple but it gives a diamond stud a pop of color.

Simple trends, and all incredibly gorgeous!




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