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Stacking Rings – Essential Pieces

Stacking rings in different colors, sizes, shapes and price points have never been more attractive.  There are so many combinations which can enable every woman to express her individual style.  This is a given.  Our thoughts on their versatility go deeper though.  There is the obvious – these can double as wedding bands.  If you have a classic solitaire engagement ring, you can pair it with a fun, more detailed (even floral) band.  If your engagement ring has lots going on and you are bold, one of these bands can make both rings pop since they are different from each other.  

What about one of these as an anniversary band?  We think that added as a third ring with your wedding set is a fun way to commemorate a big anniversary (although in our opinion we think EVERY anniversary is a big deal!! 🙂 

Baby time!!!  What about a thin band of the baby’s birthstone?  The new mom can pair it with her wedding set (super cute) or start a new stack on her right hand.  Each time she has a baby, she gets a new band.  Think of it like a modern family ring.

Special days of celebration are another opportunity to add.  Graduation, promotion, retirement.  The possibilities are endless…and so are the options.  Check out these- they are brand new to us and ready to make their way on to your finger and into your hearts.  

Click on any photo to get the details of karat, diamond size, gem info & pricing.



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