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Stack, Stack, Stack..

Stacking is a super cool style and a great idea for a gift, maybe an anniversary because if you just get one ring in the beginning you can slowly add more, one by one enhancing the collection and by the end she can wear a variety of rings making a new look every time just by switching it up with her stackers.

I picked a few bands that we have in store and stacked them together and switched them up a bit. Stacking is just so fun because you can change it up and constantly get a new look and add to it. Mixing metals is a really cute look as well, putting rose gold with white gold or yellow with white, or all three together, it all looks great!! These bands all go together, that’s the nice thing about stacking, it almost never matters what bands you use because most look amazing together. It’s all about what you personally like best. The thing with mixing metals is that when you have yellow gold, rose gold and white gold on, you can wearing anything with them, absolutely anything!! Another awesome pro to stacking is that even if your style is on the simple side, like me, you can stay simple with the stacking but get a different look.



Diamond Band

33-155- $565



Diamond Band

33-148- $1,395



 Diamond Band

33-147- $1,695


Hildago Band

100-4659- $695



White Gold Diamond Band

36-326- $795



Rose Gold Band

33-142- $315


These bands I’ve picked are all sensational options because they all have a bit of a different look, instead of being a traditional diamond band they have a unique twist. They would work well together with the rose gold bands just above or even with some plain gold bands, whatever you decide to wear them with they will look amazing. If one day you aren’t feeling like wearing all your stackers, these bands would shine a great deal even just being on their own! 


—Rylee 🙂






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