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People sometimes ask us “but where is the jewelry?” It’s true that we don’t have lots of it on display when you come into the store. But be assured it’s all here. In fact, all of the inventory that’s on our website is here in our store at 520 Bernard Ave.


We keep the website up to date and take off the pieces that sell at the end of the day. Most of our jewelry is one of a kind, which means we don’t have multiples, and we use our website with our in store clients as well, so we need it to be up to date and accurate.


Our online shopping is not an automated process, all the orders are handled personally by Dil. She still has her in store clients to care for too, so this keeps her busy. Having Dil as your personal online shopper can be an invaluable help if for example you want diamond studs. You probably have a budget and want the nicest pair within that price. If the pictures on the screen all look alike, the numbers and letters of the clarity etc. don’t mean much to you, Dil can help. She’ll look through all the inventory, compare them side by side and help you choose the best ones. So you can shop with confidence that you’re getting the same attention as if you were in the store with her.


Choosing the right gift or even something for yourself can take time, and we do everything we can to make it right. But some people are still wary of buying online without seeing it first. We understand, and our money back guarantee is there to give you peace of mind. It’s a 15 day money back guarantee, either a refund or an exchange, and it’s perfect for gifts and online purchases. Be sure to ask if you have any questions about returns, we’re happy to help.


This year our winter break will be from Dec 30, 2012 – Jan 14, 2013. Our team has worked really hard so everyone will enjoy a little rest and relaxation. While our store will be closed we won’t be handling any orders or inquiries but they’ll be given our attention in the order they were received, when we reopen on the 15th. We’ll resume our regular hours for January, Tuesday to Friday from 10-5 and Saturday from 12-5. See you then!


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