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Sharing my personal jewelry collection

I Can’t get enough of… LAPIS!

Because we do a lot of jewelry buying we see some stunning pieces, but because a lot of it is not resalable we have to melt it. There are a few pieces though, that find their way to my personal jewelry collection. One of the many perks.

When I first started working here I was a total tomboy. I grew up with three brothers, so you can imagine how girly I was. I played all the sports my brothers played. I fought with them, and thought I was a tough cookie. And then, I got a job here! Initially I thought, perfect! I don’t wear jewelry, so I’ll sell it and I won’t want to buy anything. After about 2 years of not being interested in it, I went to my first jewelry show in Las Vegas…. It was game over after that! I wanted one of everything… literally. My jewelry collection has grown so quickly, and I absolutely love it!!!

My favorite piece at the moment from my collection is a silver and lapis pendant. I literally wear it with everything. I like to layer it with other chains and necklaces, or wear it on its own. I put it on a super heavy box link chain that is about 36 inches long. Lapis has an intense blue coloring, kind of like the cobalt blue jeans that are all the rage right now, so it looks great with a lot of things, and adds the perfect pop of color! Stay tuned for more pieces from my personal collection.


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