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Sapphire – Septembers Birthstone


September brings the vibrant colors of fall, and a perfect pairing is the birthstone for this month, sapphire. Its intense velvety color has captured man’s imagination with its breathtaking blue. And though we all immediately think of the blue sapphire; did you know that there are pink, yellow, white, black star, and blue star sapphires?

Not only for those with a birthday in September but also for those who celebrate a 5th, have 7th, 10th and 45th wedding anniversary who want to represent faith and steadfast commitment of their relationship.

This makes an excellent everyday gem to wear because of its hardness. For those loving the classic blue sapphire, it ranges from deepest midnight to brilliant cornflower blue, with cornflower blue being the most prized color.   For the real Boho chic, the Pink Sapphire is a perfect accent, ranging from pastel to hot pink. It exudes feminine charm! Next up is the yellow Sapphire, which has become a sunshine lover’s favorite because it is available in so many color nuances, from light lemon yellow, to fully saturated vivid yellow, to a deep orangey yellow.   Another gorgeous sapphire is the white sapphire which being faintly touched with blue, yellow or grey displays a cool fire that is engaging to the eye. It is a scintillating addition to any Sapphire collection! Last but not least, the Black and Blue Star sapphires are a smooth cut gem, which displays a 6 point star when seen in light!


A few pieces that are must haves for the special someone whose birth month is September are lovely stackable rings in blue sapphire. Worn individually or together, these are perfect for everyday and special events.

00093            00100       00085

                    28-93                                                           28-85                                                28-100

                    $750                                                              $645                                                $2,225



For the Boho chic that has it all together, this stunning custom Flower ring is a stand alone piece sure to be a conversation in itself!







Want to feel a little feminine and glamorous? This pink and Diamond pendant speaks to that desire with a simple round stacked setting, and did you know that a woman wearing pink can render a man weak in the knees?






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