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Sapphire for September

We featured every birthstone in our blogs for 2013 so we thought we’d give it a rest this year ūüôā however, we have so many amazing new sapphire pieces that we just had to share.¬†

¬†Sapphire is an excellent gemstone for every day wear.¬† It is very hard, durable and is set off beautifully by diamonds.¬† This makes it fantastic in rings and bracelets (but don’t forget about earring and necklaces).¬† We love the range of the light ceylon blue to dark and luxurious navy blue.¬† Plus it’s versatile enough to be set into white gold, yellow gold and even rose gold for a unique and fun twist.¬† Check out these new additions to our inventory:


These earrings are a modern twist on a classic.  The oval cut blue sapphires show a little bit of the range in hue Рdepending on the light they are dark to light at the ends.  We love that they are set into cool white gold for maximum brilliance on the diamonds!  $695




Another great piece from our friends at Gabriel & Co. ¬†This would make a beautiful right hand ring but also consider the possibilities as an engagement ring! ¬†The design is timeless and the detail on the ring itself will be a lovely ‘cover up’ for wear and tear. ¬†You’ll see the hand engraving – not the scratches!!! $1750

Beverly K out of LA does and amazing job of recreating the romance and fine detail of art deco rings.  This band shows the intricacy and care that is poured into each and every creation.  Our favorite part of this piece?  The marquise shaped sapphires.  Perfection! $2225


Ditto on this pretty little band! ¬†The marquise sapphires are great and we think it would make a lovely stacking band (although on it’s own can be quite¬†sweet too). $1295


This ring is from our estate collection.  It is modern, clean and simple.  It has been crafted out of 10K white gold for extra hardness.  $625




Also from our estate collection, this necklace is very easy to wear. ¬†The sapphire and the diamonds are set low and smooth thanks to half bezel settings which means no snagging on your favorite cashmere sweater! ¬†The yellow gold snake chain will dovetail nicely with all that gorgeous yellow gold you’ve been sporting in 2014. ¬†$565





This sapphire is very unusual.  It is a medium blue but because of the way it is cut, it handles light in a very monochromatic way (if that makes sense). It definitely flows in this piece because of the wide band and princess cut diamonds.  It truly must be seen to be appreciated.  $1295  


I’m not usually a heart fan, but I think this ring is pretty cool. ¬†I love those gold “studs” ¬†in between each sapphire. ¬†Funky and edgy! $440

PS: If you’re a guy thinking of this for a gift…it’s either going to be LOVED or HATED so tread carefully…



24820Circle pendants are one of those “go-to” pieces that you grab in the morning when you’re in a hurry because you know it just works. ¬†We think this sapphire circle is awesome. ¬†The sapphires are cut into perfect squares and showcased in between diamonds. ¬†What’s not to love? ¬†$820


00039CUTE! This anchor bracelet from Gabriel is adorable.  Notice how it is black rhodium behind the sapphires which gives them extra pop.  We are so happy that it has two length selections- finally!  A fit for everyone! $285

There are lots more sapphire pieces in stock. ¬†Just type in “sapphire” in the search box to see them all!



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