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Rylee’s Favorite Estate Pieces(Part 2)

Rylee’s Favorite Estate Pieces(Part 2)

 Estate pieces are so nice because they come from so many different designers and it gives the store huge variety in design, so we have jewelry that appeals to everyone. It sets this store apart from regular jewelry stores, not only by the variety in styles but also the huge variety in prices; from new jewelry to our estate jewelry there are prices that also appeal to everyone.




  This bracelet is so adorable, pairing it with a couple more you’d be completely in style. I of course like this one because there isn’t a ton going on but its design makes it different.





 The swirl design on this diamond necklace is captivating; instead of a plain diamond necklace, this one has a beautiful design that is very distinct. It could turn a plain outfit or dress and give it some sparkle.




 This diamond necklace with its intricate design is truly gorgeous. It really caught my eye. It catches light and sparkles beautifully. The design of the necklace is really a piece of artwork, it is so pretty and with everything going on in the piece it isn’t overwhelming.




 I love these diamond drop earrings; they are such a different design. It’s so nice that all the lines are straight with the princess cut diamonds in the center and the round cut diamonds all around the center.




 This necklace I have been eyeing up for weeks. When I saw it for the first time, I immediately was in love with it. It catches light so beautifully and looks fabulous on anyone.



 This yellow gold diamond band is a beautiful piece. It has a very interesting design with the diamonds, making it different from many other rings. It could be worn as a wedding band or just for a fashion look, its a very versatile band.




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