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Ruby Is The Birthstone For July

Ruby Is The Birthstone For July. Ruby is one of the world’s oldest and most revered gemstones! Rubies with hardly any inclusions are so rare that large stones of good color would go higher than even diamonds. The gemstone that is the color of life itself and the birthstone for July can have no other name but Ruby.




This Ruby and diamond necklace makes a cute but slight statement. With the pear cut ruby there is enough color to notice but it won’t take attention away from what you are wearing. It would be a nice small addition of sparkle to your ensemble.




This Ruby band is absolutely adorable, simple but you get some color. It’s a thin band and would be perfect for when you wearing red because it’s just a hint of the color on your hand. It would tie your outfit together nicely.




These Ruby and diamond earrings are so cute for a casual look. They are small and not super bold. They wouldn’t really be an everyday earring unless you wear a lot of red. Which some people do, myself included. red is such a bold color, even in the smallest amounts. 




This yellow gold ruby heart pendant would be a cute gift, especially if their birthday was in July. Birthstones I think are always a nice gift idea, a little more personal than just a random gift. This is especially nice because of its size, its small so you could wear it with tons.



This is another Ruby band. This one has a little more detail, still very dainty, but extremely pretty. The round cut rubies are stunning. This band would be extremely easy to wear everyday; it would pair nicely with a variety of things. This would also look awesome stacked with a couple other rings.

All of these pieces are small and simple great for gifts!



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