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Rose Gold

One of the strong trends in bridal jewelry right now is rose gold, or pink gold. It’s a beautiful color that can range from slightly peachy to more of a deeper pink hue, and seems to work with almost everyone’s skin tone. Rose gold has a vintage appeal, so it works especially well with antique styled pieces. It’s also great mixed with other metals like white gold or platinum.

Cartier made it popular when they introduced their Trinity band in the 1920’s. Since then Audrey Hepburn, Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson are among those who’ve chosen rose gold in their engagement ring or wedding bands. Recently with fashion showing more color than in years past and moving away from the black and white minimalism of the 1990’s, rose gold is definitely making a comeback.

For the bride who wants something less traditional in an engagement ring, who wants to stand out from the crowd, rose gold will give her an individual style that can have an heirloom look and yet be thoroughly modern at the same time.

Although you might think from the name that it’s strictly a gold for the ladies, it can work equally well for men. Rolex offers men’s designs in their “Everose gold” and many prominent designers feature rose gold as an accent with white gold for men’s wedding bands.

Wondering how rose gold is made? The secret to the blush hue is copper. Pure gold is yellow, but also too soft to wear on its own. All gold used in making jewelry has to be mixed with other metals, and in the case of rose gold copper is the metal of choice to add strength, withstand wear and also give the distinctive color. The amount of copper used is what varies the color in the end result. Rose gold is not as common as yellow and white, which increases its appeal to those who appreciate exclusivity. The price of rose gold is still based on its gold content, so it’s comparable in price to yellow and white gold jewelry.

At Canadian Jewelry Exchange we work with lots of designers that offer rose gold designs. Come in and see one of our personal shoppers to find out more.

Rose Gold Rings from CJEX


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