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Push Present Ideas

Guest Blogger Lisa

So the baby has made it’s grand entrance into the world and you couldn’t be more proud.  Your sweetheart has just been part of the greatest act of womanhood.  There’s a million things rushing through your head…but more than anything it’s time to celebrate!  Sure your family and friends will be arriving any minute to meet the new babe and offer their congratulations…but what about dad having a little push present ready for the new mom?  What a perfect memento of that exciting day!


Here’s our ideas…

Diamond Journey Ring, Earrings and Pendant

A journey diamond ring or necklace is a symbol of your life together.  The baby is the next step you two are taking together….awww!!!  A must have if the new mom is crying with tears of joy…and is very sentimental.

Earrings for a new Mom

Sounds funny, but she may need some “mom” approved earrings.  Something she can LIVE in- sleep in them and in a few months not be worried about the baby tugging on them.  We recommend a simple stud earring or hoop (dangles = ouch!)


Tacori Gift Ideas

During and after her hospital stay, what woman couldn’t use a little pick me up that makes her feel super feminine again?  We think the ultimate “you’re a sexy momma” gift is a pop of color from Tacori (especially since it’s coming from diaper-changing-happy-dad…yes you!)


Whatever the gift, plan to pick up a little something so everyone ohh’s and ahh’s over more than the baby!!!


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