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Peridot For The Month Of August

Peridot the energetic green gemstone is the birthstone for those born in the month of august. It is also used to celebrate 1st and 16th wedding anniversaries. The Romans called it “Evening Emerald” because its brilliant color didn’t fade in the lamp light; it glowed through the evening hours. Peridot is rater “fair” for everyday wear. Here are a few of the Peridot stone pieces we have for you to check out:





This first cushion cut Peridot ring surrounded by diamonds is fabulous. The diamonds around the stone really highlight the green. This ring would look fantastic on someone with a darker skin tone and would really make green eyes pop.



These emerald cut Peridot earrings are really subtle but add a little color when you wear them which is really nice. They don’t stand out super significantly but they are noticeable. They would look really nice if you wore them with something floral or a darker color top or dress.



This Peridot and diamond necklace is super simple and cute. This would be the perfect gift in my opinion, it’s a small and beautiful piece, and I feel like it would appeal to many women. It isn’t a super out there design, which is what you try to avoid while choosing a gift, those design appeal to specific people.



This yellow gold Peridot necklace is very small and plain, making it easy to wear. The green color looks nice with the yellow gold, giving a really nice natural earthy look. The size of it makes it easy to wear, because it doesn’t stand out a ton.

 All of these different options are all ideas for someone looking for a gift to give. Or maybe if you are looking for something with your birthstone. All four of these are wonderful candidates.





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