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  • By Lisa
  • 12.02.2016

Perfect Way To Say “I Love You”

Perfect Way to Say “I Love You”


We all love to hear our loved ones say “I love you” and even better, are the times when the sentiment is in the form of a gift we wear and always reminds us we are loved!


There are many ways to say “I love you” and jewelry is a way to say it and be reminded every time we wear the item that we are loved!


Of course, Diamonds are always a great way to tell someone you love them, and to be loved!  Let’s look at some gorgeous pendants we can wear alone or layer with other pieces first…



100-4717 -$2,315




 70-652 -$1,705




 74-36 -$1,495




 74-11 -$1,295



A promise bracelet is an adorable way to say I will always love you as well, and can be from mother to daughter, or best friends to each other.  It’s a great, every day reminder we are cared about and thought of.



70-886 -$1,030




 70-538 -$8,385




 70-567 -$3,510


I can’t forget to mention, a great diamond cocktail ring is another fun way to say I love you, for the lady that loves a little bling!  It dresses up the right hand, and every time they see the sparkle, or someone compliments them on the ring, they remember who it was from and that they are loved!



76-5 -$6,150




 70-590 -$4,540




 8-20393 -$3,295




 57-42 -$1,495



Not that this is a complete listing of gifts that say I love you, but merely suggestions as sometimes we need hints or direction to find that perfect piece for the love of our lives, or the friend who has always stood by us.  What better then a necklace, or bracelet, or ring that can be part of their day every day and remind them no matter where they are; they are important to you.    


Now lets not forget, a bottle of great wine, and a handwritten card are also fantastic ways to say I Love You as well.  So make sure whoever you love knows it!



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