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Pastels for Spring!

As Fashion Week Spring 2015 began a softer color palette was definitely noticeable…hence pastels for spring! Many designers were using soft pretty pastels instead of intense and totally saturated colors. You saw lots of soft pinks, blues, yellows, nudes, and purples. Since it’s been a few months since all the spring collections were showcased, I thought it would be fun to do a little review… Just in time for Spring (convenient right)!

How do you incorporate pretty pastels using jewelry, you ask? Well, that’s what I’m here for.  There are so many ways to do it, and so many styles you can play with. The nice thing about pastel colors is that they are so to wear in combination with brighter and bolder colors.

Here are my picks and thoughts:




This pink opal pendant is a stunner. It is set in rose gold, so the soft marble pink of the opal really pops against it. I love the little bit of marbled white in it too. This would be the perfect spring and summer go to necklace. Think solo statement necklace with a maxi dress….. That’s the vibe I’m getting.




The pastel aqua blue color of this pendant is complimentary on most skin tones. The diamond detail around the agate adds just a touch of sparkle. I find this piece easy to dress up or down. It looks great on its own, but also looks fantastic layered with a couple of other necklaces.




These drops would be perfect addition for spring. This purple is just way too pretty to pass up. The amethyst has been set with a rose gold detail that warms the whole thing up. Picture a night out on the town; your hair is in a low messy bun and these earrings are sparkling like crazy and all of your girls are loving them!



Talk about classic. These pastel pink pearls are a serious must have! They have just enough color that they are noticeable, but will still go with everything in your wardrobe. This the perfect piece to add to the collection if you want that classic but trendy transition.



There is something about this green amethyst ring that makes my heart skip a bit. It’s classic and beautiful yet trendy and edgy. The length of the green amethyst is what I love. It is the perfect ring for the index finger. And let’s not forget about the color….. The soft green is the perfect neutral tone for Spring. Love love love this!



I have this ring and I wear it every single day. It’s definitely a statement piece, but the color had me at first sight. The chalcedony is a really soft white blue, so it goes with everything (I never take it off). The rose gold detail around the gemstone adds the perfect touch of warmth against the cooler coloring of the stone.

Well there you have my six choices for pastel colored jewelry for Spring. Because there are so many other pieces in store that fit the bill I had a really hard time picking the six that I did….  So pop in and try something on! Until you try it on, you never know what’s going to look so spectacular that you need it…. 



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