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Pantone 2016!

Pantone Color of 2016!

The pantone color for 2016 is Rose Quartz & Serenity.

They balance a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, giving a soothing sense of order and piece.

 When I saw that this was the color of the year, ill admit i was pretty excited. I was hoping for a rose tone. Its definitely one of my favorite’s right now. Putting the rose quartz color with serenity is an amazing duo! gorgeous and calming! It’s the first time pantone has done this, blending two tones!

These two tones are so pretty and very easy to wear, nothing bright and overwhelming this year. As for jewelry, these tones pair wonderfully with rose as well as white gold.  




70-875 -$1,600

The first piece i have picked gives the two tones with the chalcedony stone in this pendant and the rose gold surrounding it so you have the serenity and the rose tone together! What a beautiful mix. 




70-660 -$1,300

This ring is from the same collection of Tacori as the pendant just above.So again you get to see both the rose and the tranquil blue tones together. This piece although light in color is no subtle piece! wearing this you are sure to make a statement with this size of ring. wearing the pendant to match you surely would be rocking THE colors of the year! 




70-584 -$1,410

With this ring above, you are getting the full rose quartz look! Tacori has layered faceted rose quartz over powder pink mother of pearl for a fresh look. This ring looks absolutely gorgeous on any skin tone, i have yet to see this ring not compliment a skin tone. It is as well a very bold piece but with a soft color. Because of the rose gold accent it gives an added detail without being overly flashy. 




100-4780 -$2000

Rose quartz drop earrings by BHeer are such a soft and feminine look especially being set with the rose gold. A beautiful pair perfect to rock one of the tones for 2016! 




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