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Never Fail Last Minute Gifts

Never Fail Last Minute Gifts


Its coming up… Next week, next month, and you need a gift idea and your coming up empty…  Have you considered some jewelry?  Whether they wear many kinds of jewelry, or have one or two pieces that they wear everyday, or just for special occasions, we have a gift idea for anyone on that gift list…


Does she like simple and sweet?  A perfect gift is a necklace and pendant with a matching pair of earrings.  In a variety of colours to choose from, we have the birthstones covered, and the favorites right here…



70-867- $575




70-795- $585




70-887- $430




70-582- $585


Maybe she is more into a ring for her right hand, or a bracelet to wear everyday, that’s still going to remind her that she is special to someone…



70-561- $510



70-270- $990



70-886- $1,030



70-786- $940


We also have so many lovely chains to choose from, to layer with what she wears every day now, and to find a perfect little pendant for as well!  Whether she loves yellow, white or rose gold, we can find the one that she will wear and love!





72-108- $170





72-115- $300




1-25184- $350


And lets not forget the gentlemen in our lives we need to shop for as well!  He may love jewelry, but not know how to jump in, so we can help and find a ring, tie bar, cuff links or a cuff even that he will love and wear! 



70-831- $510




70-829- $640




70-824- $715




70-817- $715




100-4365- $1,625


So there is a gift out there for everyone and we can help you find that perfect one!  If you need it today, or you are shopping with some time to spare, we have the right gift for you.  Let us help you find that one piece they will love and you will get extra brownie points for finding for them!!



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