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Earring Collage


Yes, I know, sometimes we hate to change our earrings. I am the worst at leaving earrings in for… oh not just a couple of weeks, but months! I have 2 types of earrings for leaving in most of the time (depending on how I feel), and a few fun pairs for when I feel like getting funky.

For me diamond studs and diamond huggies are perfect for everyday. I’ll only wear diamond studs if they have a screw back because I’ve lost about 3 pairs that didn’t have a screw back. Huggies are great because they lock on and there is no post. I find both styles to be super comfortable and easy to wear, thus leading me to leave them in for a looooong time. 🙂

As for fun funky earrings, I like to have 2 classics for the fun/dressy and 2 funkier pairs. Diamond drops are perfect for dressing up in a classic way, and then hoops are a great go to for casual or dressy. Then I have gemstone drops that are a really bright color and the fourth pair is something totally different and unique! You gotta keep people guessing. I like versatility in my jewelry, so with my earrings I like to keep a nice balance between classic, funky and fun which results in pieces that are easy to wear… with anything!

What are some of your “must have” earrings?


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