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Musings of a CJEX Buyer

This blog is musings of a CJEX buyer. The jewelry shows we attend are, in one word, overwhelming.  The convention center in Las Vegas is over 2 million square feet.  If my math is right, that’s 45 football fields full of jewelry.  And jewelry is small!  Each booth has hundreds if not thousands of glittering pieces of jewelry and there are thousands of booths.  How do we choose what to bring home to Kelowna &  Read our thoughts on these pieces from the 2014 show:


This ring comes from a wonderful “local” designer in Vancouver, BC. We have been working with this woman for 15+ years and I can sum up her creations in 3 words:

  • Enduring- her pieces are designed to be worn daily.  There is no corners cut and the rings are heavy and solid. There are never issues with diamonds falling out (which is wonderful!) and when I see customers years later, their rings still look incredible.
  • Comfortable- maybe it’s because all these rings are designed by a woman, but they are ultra comfy. Even though this ring is wide, it is thin between the fingers and you just kind of forget you are wearing it. 
  • Bold- this ring is no exception.  I love the contrast of the white & yellow gold. The prongs are set off square for a modern twist and I adore the geometric way the side diamonds are set. 


I have a new found love of pearls. For years and years, I thought they were a smidge dowdy and traditional. But after a couple of hours education with our pearl supplier and boy did my opinion change!  Take this strand for example. These 5.5mm & 9mm pearls are combined into one ultra long strand of 58 inches. This means you can wear it long, doubled (perfect for turtlenecks or a high crewneck) or tripled (for a scoop, strapless or deep plunging neckline).  How versatile is that?  Think Chanel…don some red lips and you’re ready to roll. 
PS: As a side point, pearls are the last thing that should be put on and the first thing you take off.  Avoid spraying perfume, hairspray, etc as it will stick to the pearls and dull them!


I am absolutely smitten with this floral, vintage inspired diamond band by Beverly K.  I love the simplicity and yet complexity of the design. I think this would make a wonderful right hand ring and possibly stacked with a few ultra thin complimentary bands (maybe one rose gold, one with sapphires or pink diamonds?)  Everybody asks if this ring is hard to keep clean (because of all the little “holes” in the design) and the answer is a resounding no!  Between the way the diamonds are set & the hand milgrain this ring hides wear and scratches beautifully.


Huggies are by far my go-to, must-have, can’t-live-without, favorite piece of jewelry.  The way they are designed, you can put them in and they practically become like skin.  You can’t even tell they are there (except when people keep complimenting you on them!)

These are very cool.  I really appreciate the rose gold tone because on most skin tones, it just brings a small pop of warm to your complexion. The cognac colored diamonds are the perfect accompaniment- they add a certain depth and understatement.  If you’re looking for a petite pair of earrings to live in, these might just be for you.

Don’t love the chocolate diamonds?  We also have them in crisp green tsavorite!



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