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Musings of a CJEX buyer

The jewelry shows we attend are, in one word, overwhelming.  The convention center in Las Vegas is over 2 million square feet.  If my math is right, that’s 45 football fields full of jewelry.  And jewelry is small!  Each booth has hundreds if not thousands of glittering pieces of jewelry and there are thousands of booths.  How do we choose what to bring home to Kelowna &  Read our thoughts on these three pieces from a recent show:

28-83 Beverley Kay Diamond Ring from

28-83  Heidi (who is in photography & inventory control here at the store) discovered Beverley K ages ago… in 2003!  We were at the big jewelry show in Las Vegas & she was so excited to show me her find.  What a designer – I was in awe.  Every ring is art deco inspired and carved to such an intricate degree… I just couldn’t believe it.  This ring has been one of my favorites through the years.  The soft square cushion halo is micro pave set.  This means that the diamonds are very small (micro) and precisely set.  This is what really makes the ring look authentically vintage.  I love the detail on the profile… it’s like the icing on the cake.

Italian rose and white gold pendant from

8-20354  This pendant is super sweet but down to earth & comfy.  It totally made me think of an organic stack of pebbles.  I love that there’s not really structure – it’s more fluid & earthy.  I would pair this with either a white gold chain or a rose gold one.  Personally, I think the rose would pop out a little more.  As an added bonus, this was made in Italy, which doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is.  It means that all the edges are super smooth & there is nothing to snag on a sweater (man, I hate when that happens!)  All in all, a great, unique piece to compliment any wardrobe.


Dabakarov Chalcedony ring from

63-46  Now this is hot!  The color of this aqua chalcedony (which is mined all over the world but my sources tell me it principally comes from Zimbabwe) is like shallow Caribbean water.  Just the perfect greenish blue & the fact that it’s sort of hazy means that the color is really intense.  I’ve noticed that men typically don’t love this – they think it should be clear.  But girls LOVE this ring – it’s simple & I really can’t say enough good things about the color.  It looks fantastic with grey, navy, black (obviously), pink… basically it can be a staple.  Wear it on your index or middle finger with anything and everything.  It is a tough, durable & easy to care for gem.  Love it!!!

– Lisa


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