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May Birthstone

May Birthstone- Emerald

Emeralds; they are a wonderful birthstone for the month of May. The rich green is absolutely stunning. Green is such a nice color because it is complimentary on almost all skin tones; it will rarely look bad on anyone. Emeralds are the perfect thing to wear when you want to look a bit dressier. They are rated fair to good for everyday wear with care. You will want to avoid exposing the emeralds to heat (hot tub, sauna), or contact with chemicals, and protect from scratches and harsh blows. Emeralds also celebrate the 20th, 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries.

A common place you can find emeralds is Columbia; but also in places such as Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Russia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. This stone is just right for the month. Summer is approaching and more and more color is appearing, which makes this green stone quite appropriate.



In these earrings the pear shaped emeralds give them a unique style. They are very elegant and always the right addition to your outfit when you need to dress things up. With a gorgeous updo to show these beauties off, they will catch everyone’s attention.




This emerald elephant necklace is very different; the 10k yellow gold with the 7.0 grams in emeralds gives the necklace an almost exotic look. It’s super cute for casual wear and perfect for someone fond of the color green. The green color of the emeralds in this necklace is on the darker and more intense side of the two pieces of jewelry.


This yellow gold emerald and diamond pendant would be a gorgeous gift. The necklace is nice because it could be worn casually, but with the diamonds in the pendant, wearing this would make you feel pretty and sparkly. And every girl wants to feel that way every once in awhile.

Just a few gift ideas for a May baby.








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