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March Birthstones

March’s birthstones are Aquamarine and Bloodstone. One of the few months that has a stone for each guy & gal.

Aquamarine, meaning ‘Ocean Water’ is just as it sounds, a refreshing blue stone. Aquamarine varies in color from a pale light blue to intense deep blue. With blue being a favorite color among many, it’s nice that there are variations in the color to appeal to anyone and everyone! I personally love seeing Aquamarine set in white gold, especially with diamonds to complement the pretty blue. Check out the Aquamarine & Diamond halo style ring in white gold below…

Bloodstone is from the Chalcedony family, which means the stone is formed from a number of fine grained micro crystals. This gives the stone more of an opaque look. It also has speckles of Jasper on it which are the red spots. With such an evocative name it offers a very masculine appeal. This stone looks spectacular in a square top ring, and gives it a very classic look!



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