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March Birthstone…Aquamarine!

March has a gorgeous birthstone….delicate aquamarine. With it being a time of beautiful color blooming and the bright blue sky reappearing after a dark and gloomy winter, what better way to enjoy the colors than by rocking this month’s birthstone, aquamarine? The stone is refreshing and bright just like its month. It will lighten your look, just in time for spring!

There are many that are fond of the color blue, but the nice part of aquamarine is the variation of color. Aquamarine can vary from a light pale blue to a dark deep blue, which makes the stone appealing to almost everyone. 

These three rings, all the aquamarine stone, accompanied by diamonds, are the perfect addition to your collection. You will love wearing these; the diamonds really dress things up, making the rings perfect as an accessory for a night out.  The gorgeous blue is amazing to look at and will truly catch people’s eyes. There is no better feeling than when you are complimented; these rings will get you that.

These ring options are awesome because they show a little glimpse of the variety in aquamarine color.

This first diamond ring is a light ocean blue stone, surrounded with diamonds; it is a beautiful bright ring. It is the perfect piece for someone who is looking to show off their jewels, which in reality, who isn’t?




The second ring is very interesting with the different shapes and sizes on it. The diamonds on the exterior of the stone provide a variation in shapes on the ring, which is nice. The diamond shape of the gem is something I think many would like, it gives a clean look. It’s not a busy ring; it would be good for when you want something on the simpler side.  




This third ring is the perfect gift, especially if that certain someone is fond of this color. It’s simple, and can be worn with many different things. It has an elegant look to it, with the round aquamarine and the two smaller diamonds. It’s a wonderful gift because it’s a ring that many people would like just because there isn’t a ton going on, and it’s not too extravagant.




This is a gorgeous square aquamarine ring with diamonds outlining the stone, we do not have it in stock but if you love it as much as I do, we can special order it in for you. This ring would look wonderful on anyone, a perfect compliment to your beauty. If you’re looking for a gift for someone this is another wonderful choice, this ring would appeal to many, it is absolutely stunning and not too busy.


Enjoy March’s perfect birthstone as much as I do 🙂



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