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Make A Statement With Bold Pieces.

A statement piece.  A bold piece that says in more then words who we are and what we like.  We all love someone elses gorgeous ring, or necklace that’s so “them” and wish for our own statement piece that people would immediately see as some aspect of who we are without saying a word. 


Today, we are going to explore a couple ideas for that bold, statement piece that is so you, your friends will wonder why it took so long for you to find and wear it!


A ring is always a statement when worn on the right hand, and the middle finger is typically the place for that bold piece, but can easily be the ring finger we wear that to die for ring as well…


Here are a few options for you to imagine on your hand…



70-527- $3,185



70-871- $2,810



70-878- $3,550


The onyx ring is black tie ready but classy enough and goes with everyday looks easily. 


The golden bay ring is the elegant, upscale look that could stand alone in any outfit, or set off the gold accents in any outfit!


The truffle ring is truly a statement alone, and needs no introduction.  Its like the Louis Vuitton bag, you see and had to have, and now use for everything and everyone always comments on its beauty….


Not to be forgotten, a statement can be around the neck, whether worn long or short, and with a variety of every outfit and occasion.


A couple of ideas….




1-25623- $1,900





70-875- $1,600



1-26086-   $1,750


Now that chunky long smoky gem is sparkle ready for every colour dress and sweater for those relaxed days with a glass of wine in hand.


A chalcedony pendant set off with rose gold accents is a soft, yet bold statement sure to bring on the compliments no matter the occasion!


And the satin finish of the gold with diamonds on the cable necklace is so stunning, its sure to be a show stopper every time you wear it…


Those are just a sampling of bold pieces that might just be your statement, waiting to be worn by you!  Come in and see for yourself what speaks to you!



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