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Luxe & Decadent Gifts to Close Out 2014

We get some pretty amazing estate jewelry…like totally awesome estate jewelry.  We really see creativity in the custom made creations. We see the culture in pieces that come out of India, Turkey & Italy.  And we see the care and love that went into each hand crafted piece.  Below are some of the more decadent items we have in stock…and they are not limited to estate jewels.  Some are gorgeous finds from close outs & some are new pieces that we found at the jewelry shows.  Let’s see if you love them as much as we do…and whether you will give some jewelry gifts before 2014 is over…

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As you can see, each piece is unique, fun & fresh.  This means that we only have one of each piece…and if the bracelet, ring, earrings or necklace sells, we will never have it for sale again.  What does this mean for you, if you have fallen in love with one?  Don’t wait! Come down to the store and try it on in person…and if you love it, scoop it up.  You’d be amazed at how if one person is looking at a particular piece, there’s several more that are eyeing it up too. Several times I have been lovingly chewed out because one of my customers was desiring a certain something and it sold before they pulled out their Visa.  Not a fun position to be in (for me or them!)  Learn from the disappointments of others- if you love it buy it, put it on layaway, talk hubby into an early anniversary gift…whatever you need to do!!!

Don’t see something that tickles your fancy today?  No worries!  We add to our website weekly, and most of the time, daily.  This means every time you visit and hit the “New Arrival’s” section, you’ll see fresh pieces for sale.  Be sure to use the wishlist to keep track of all your finds (because with 4000 pieces for sale sometimes it’s hard to track down again!!)




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