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Lisa Loves Marquise

I adore marquise cut diamonds.  I admit it!  They are a very specific cut & very select people like them.  They handle light and sparkle in a cool, understated & sexy way.  One of my favorite things about this unusual cut is that it has withstood the test of time and found it’s niche in many recent decades.  You all know we carry estate jewelry…here are some marquise cuts that somehow manage to get better with age:





This diamond & amethyst ring (the birthstone for February) is true iconic 1970’s style.

The band is narrow & the setting of the gems is rebellious.

If you look carefully, there are more amethyst on the bottom half of the ring & more diamonds on the upper half.

It’s a subtle detail that shows the zest & frivolity of the disco era.



A classic throwback to the 1980’s!

This pyramid style ring was a huge hit…but traditionally done with lots of small diamonds in the shape of a marquise cut.

Not this ring…each glorious step up the pyramid boasts a glittering marquise cut diamond.



Enter the 1990’s.  The Spice Girls!!!

This is like the Spice Girls in a fabulous ring.

The shape is unique (not boring in the least) & the random placement of the diamonds kind of makes you want to dance.

Spice up your life!!!



As the years grew, so did our passion for white gold.

It is the perfect backdrop for marquise cut diamonds as it makes diamonds pop.

This ring has a very proportioned diamond halo & some accent side diamonds…but the hand engraving on the band seals the deal.



This gorgeous ring from Parade is for the woman who knows what she wants & nothing less with fit the bill.

The wide open design allows for various sizes of vibrant yellow marquise cut diamonds.

No wonder this ring was the winner of the coveted 2014 Jewellers Choice Award!


Love love love marquise.  You too? 🙂




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