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June Birthstone

June Birthstone

The June birthstone is pearls and alexandrite. Alexandrite is rated excellent for everyday wear. Alexandrite has fascinating color changes depending on light source, from green in daylight to red by indoor light. The major sources of this stone are Brazil, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. The alexandrite stone is also used to celebrate 45th and 55th wedding anniversaries.

            As for pearls, I am a little bit biased on the subject; pearls are my personal favorite. They are just stunning. If I could, I would wear them everyday with everything. When you wear them they give you such an elegant and classic look. Pearls are not for everyday wear though, and take care when you do wear them. Keep them safe from chemicals including perfumes, perspiration and hair spray. To clean them just gently wipe them with a damp cloth. A major source for pearls is Australia, China and Japan.




This pearl ring has got a different look, the yellow gold with the pearls and diamonds is a very beautiful combination. With a simple dress this ring would pop and catch some eyes for sure.




I have to say I really enjoy seeing pearls with yellow gold, makes the jewelry look a little more vintage. These earrings to me have that look. They are so pretty, the diamonds give the earrings a sparkle but the pearls keep the classic look.





The black pearl in this necklace is very different and nice because it would work with a darker look, like gray’s and black. Because the necklace is so simple and small, I would wear my hair up so you could really notice the necklace and show off its beauty.




This freshwater pearl strand is a gorgeous, very simple way to add something to and outfit that felt it was missing an accessory. The necklace isn’t busy which makes it easy to pair with other items.



These pearl and diamond studs are simple and the small diamonds aren’t flashy, which makes these studs wonderful for if you want an easy classic look. You will love wearing these; they take no effort to just pop in for a night.



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